AVT Productions concepts, designs, and executes exceptional experiences, always focusing on meeting our clients’ objectives.

We are located in the Bay Area and work nationwide and internationally for Fortune 500 firms, startups, and associations in high-tech, pharma, finance, education, and other verticals.

Maybe you want us to design and deliver the whole show. Or maybe you want us to take an operational/AV production route and work hand in hand with your agency or creative partner. We can do as much or as little as you need to design the solution that’s right for you.

We design and produce engaging events that meet our clients’ exacting requirements – events audiences long remember. Our clients know we will deliver the rock-solid service they expect.

Why Choose AVT Productions?



Trusted partner that has worked with name brands since 1988.


Full Service

Cohesive, fully customized event design and production services.


Diverse Clients

Global organizations, small startups, and associations.



1,000-person executive sessions to small, informal breakouts.


Reliable Team

Dedicated client services manager and production manager.


AVT ShowBook

Comprehensive, precise show design and production.



Multimillion-dollar inventory (audio, video, data, lighting, staging).


Peace of Mind

Same core team at every show means continuity and peace of mind.

What We Do





Problem Solvers


Event Producers


  • Comprehensive Event Strategy
  • Venue Search and Acquisition
  • Experiential Mapping
  • Event Theme Development
  • Storyboards
  • Vendor Management


  • Logo Development
  • Video Development (Pre- & Post-)
  • Experience Design
  • Content/Presentation Design
  • Set Design and Renders
  • Technical Drawings and Design


  • Stage/Showflow Management
  • Presenter Plans
  • Music, Lighting, Color Design
  • Operations and Logistics
  • AV Services and Staging
  • Alternative Seating


We specialize in event design and production for:

  • Keynotes
  • General Sessions
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Internal Meetings
  • All-Hands Meetings
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • User Conferences
  • Tech Conferences
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Sales Meetings
  • Brand Launches
  • Press Events
  • Marketing Meetings
  • Auxiliary Meetings
  • Roadshows
  • Special Events

You want your audience to have an exceptional event experience.
Making events better than you ever imagined they could be – that’s our wheelhouse.

We offer the full-service, high-end production solutions of an agency, and we’re operationally efficient because we own all our gear. Our high-touch, systems-based model means we take care of every detail before, during, and after your events.

When we partner with you, we will take hassle and worry off your plate and deliver a show that engages your audience and exceeds expectations.


How We Work

It’s no accident that we run our shows effectively time and time again. There’s a science to managing so many moving parts.

We work in teams of two. The CLIENT SERVICES MANAGER is the client liaison who manages budgets, timelines, and design. The PRODUCTION MANAGER is the technical expert who implements the design down to the very last detail.

Our clients benefit from the hand-in-hand efforts of two subject matter experts who see the project through different lenses. Together, they design and produce exceptional events on time and budget.

We also often manage third-party vendors, making sure our clients have all the resources they need and that those resources deliver.

When you hire AVT Productions, you can rest assured that we will concept, design, and execute high-value events that bring peace of mind.


Our proprietary AVT ShowBook is part of our DNA. It’s based on 29 years of experience in designing and producing events big and small. This proven management tool enables our team to coordinate resources and then execute with precision.

  • “TPS Report”/Client Brief
  • Design Brief
  • Production Timelines and Milestones
  • Speaker Requirements
  • Show Flow/Cue-to-Cue
  • Load-In/Load-Out Schedules
  • Resource Management/Crew Assignments
  • End-of-Day Reports/Post-Show Reports

With the AVT ShowBook, nothing slips through the cracks.


Client List

Our clients include global organizations, along with many startups and associations.

Get to Know AVT Productions



The AVT Productions team is extremely active in our local community. In fact, 87% of our staff volunteered last year. We regularly donate gear, labor, and event/technical services; support youth in our community through job placements and internships; and volunteer and make personal donations to nonprofit causes throughout the community



Solar Panels

Solar panels generate clean, renewable power — 70% of the energy our facility uses.



We recycle electronic equipment, stage carpeting, cans, plastics, paint, and paper.



Each year, we donate hundreds of show batteries to Toys for Tots for use in electronic toys.

Reach Out

Would you like to discuss your event with a member of our team? Or would you like to hear some fresh ideas? Either way, we look forward to the opportunity to learn more about you and your event production needs.