We are AVT Productions.

Nice to meet you.

Our design and production team works behind the scenes to manage your meetings and events and to make sure no detail slips through the cracks.
It’s a job we take seriously.


President and Founder

Ray L’Heureux

Technical Director

Ayelet Morag

Director of Finance and Human Resources

Edward Padilla

Production Manager

Richard Herrera

Lead Audio Engineer

Steve Snyder

Senior Technician, QC Lead

Brandon Render

Production Coordinator

Danielle Sullivan

Events Account Manager

Jackie Huynh

HR/PR and Accounting

James Sidibe

AV Events Tech

Michael Buteau

AV Events Tech

Skip Eitemiller

AV Events Tech

Pele Dekowski

Lead Warehouse Tech

Daniel Aguirre

Warehouse Tech

Tim De La Cruz

Warehouse Tech

Madina Hashimi

Madina Hashimi

Events Account Manager